About The Tour

No fear of Seasickness!

We stay within the Inside Passage — calm and protected waters dotted by beautiful islands and bays surrounding Ketchikan. We do not go out into the open ocean. Large waves and rough seas as seen on the Deadliest Catch will NOT be encountered on the tour.

How The Tour Works

Half an hour prior to your tour departure, our crew will greet you on the Main Cruise Ship Dock and guide you to the Aleutian Ballad — just a few minutes’ walk away at Berth 3 – Tender Float.

The ship features both an amphitheater-style sheltered lower deck and a panoramic open-air upper deck. Once everyone is aboard, we’ll cut loose and head out to pristine Alaskan fishing waters.

On our way to the fishing grounds, you will get to know the boat and her colorful history as a working crab fishing boat in the notorious Bering Sea. You will get an exclusive look into the world of crab fishing and meet the crew — some you may recognize from Deadliest Catch.

You may get very close to islands and land where you can see Alaskan wildlife such as bears, deer, bald eagles. Seals are also possible on this ride! While we can never promise wildlife will be in sight, we keep a close eye with binoculars and always make every best effort to let you know if wildlife is in view.

As we pull up on the first set of fishing gear, you will be right alongside watching as the crew begins to haul up the catch. Some animals brought to the surface will be placed in a live tank for everyone to see, touch, and photograph before they are gently released back into the sea.

Finally, we will arrive at the protected waters of Annette Island, where we will ease in close to shore where eagles nest. Further up the inlet, you’ll witness the huge crab pots being hauled aboard, and you’ll be able to touch these giant crustaceans. We may even pull up an octopus pot!

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