Alaska offers more activities than any other destination in the world. Many people traveling to Alaska ask, “What are some things to do in Ketchikan in June?” June is a great month to visit Ketchikan by air, ferry, or cruise ship. It’s the month when the weather starts to warm up and Alaska comes alive! Millions of salmon return to Ketchikan to spawn every year and the predators follow. One of them comes by air: the North American Bald Eagle, which has made an amazing recovery in Alaska. The Department of Fish and Game estimates there is a mated pair for every mile of coastline in Alaska. One of the best options for photographing these magnificent birds is on the Bering Sea Crab Fishermen’s Tour. The Aleutian Ballad is able to pull right alongside the beach, where a mated pair, who has been living there for 10 years, has built a nest. Guests on this tour can expect to see birds flying around the boat, perched in the trees, and diving to catch a natural food source: Pacific herring. May, June, and July are the best months to see anywhere from 60 to 100 eagles swarming the boat. It is truly a magical moment.

Whales also chase the salmon returning to Ketchikan, more specifically Humpback Whales and Killer Whales. One of the most spectacular things to see in Alaska is bubble feeding by the Humpback Whales. This takes place when a group of whales dives down and corrals fish into a circle by blowing bubbles. The whales come up through the middle and get a mouthful of fish. Several pods of Killer Whales come to Ketchikan to chase salmon and teach their young how to feed. If you want a front-row seat to natural wildlife, take an excursion on the water…and bring your camera!

Because Ketchikan is the salmon capital of the world, it’s only fitting that many anglers come there to chase salmon. Ketchikan has some of the best sports fishing in Alaska. If you would like to spend the day with a professional fishing guide who will put you on some fish, Ketchikan Fishing Company is the best option. Capt. Todd Monson has been a fishing guide his whole adult life and is very knowledgeable about the area and waters. Most of the time, you won’t have enough space in the freezer to store your catch. This is a great option for all ages and experience levels.

Other local things to do in Ketchikan in June include hiking, going to the bars, and eating. One of the most popular hikes is Deer Mountain. This is a difficult hike but the views at the top are worth the effort. From there, you can see the entire town and cruise ship terminal while being surrounded by the Tongass National Forest. If hiking isn’t on your list of activities, walking around to all the local bars might be another option. Fat Stan’s Sports Bar and Pizzeria offers a great family-friendly environment and serves the best pizza on the island, as well as the best Bloody Marys. Don’t miss out on this local hotspot! If you want a taste of Alaska, you must go to the Alaska Fish House. They have the best fish and chips as well as salmon burgers and fish tacos. They also serve burgers and salads. For the best burgers in town, go to the Burger Queen and order a cheeseburger. You can have it delivered to you right across the street at the Arctic Bar, the oldest bar in town, where you can take in views of the beautiful Tongass Narrows while enjoying a cold beer.

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